Before requesting a mentor, you may want to check out the following resources we have put together for you. Choosing a scholarship/university and getting ready to become an applicant requires thorough preparation. For you convenience, we have grouped all the resources into 4 sections:

  • Grants & Scholarships
  • Online Resources (test prep & communities for scholars)
  • Useful Organizations (in Ukraine)
  • Short-term exchanges and internships

Grants & Scholarships

Here’s a list of grants and scholarships that can cover up to 100% of the cost of your study abroad. You can find more information about each scholarship’s requirements in our Manuals section.

Fulbright Program (USA)
Erasmus+ Higher Education Opportunities and Joint Master Programs
Visby Program Scholarship (Sweden)
UGRAD Scholarship (undergraduate studies in the USA)
Chevening Scholarship
WorldWideStudies (Pinchuk Foundation Scholarships)
Monbukagakusho (Japanese Government Scholarships)
Korean Government Scholarship Program
Eiffel Excellence Scholarships (France)
Heinrich Boell Foundation Scholarships
DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Scholarships

Online Resources

There are numerous resources online to help you get ready for tests of the English language, as well as other ones required by some universities and programs. In this section you can also browse communities for (prospective) scholars, which have databases of universities & programs in the US, blogs and forums of current and former students, and other abundant information about the application process, and related topics

Test Preparation

ETS TOEFL free online resources
Free TOEFL Preparation Exercises on
ETS GRE General Test free online resources
Top GRE word lists on
Free IELTS practice tests
IELTS sample practice tests

Online communities for current and prospective scholars

Useful Organizations (in Ukraine)

Here’s a list of organizations that have resources connected to applying to universities and studying abroad, improving your English and leadership skills.
American Councils – Education USA Resource Center in Kyiv
America House Kyiv
Toastmasters community Ukraine
American English Center

Short-term exchanges and internships

Other resources that provide information about international exchanges, volunteer opportunities and internships abroad, all of which will help you improve your CV, English and social skills, get international experience, and meet interesting people.



Websites that publish selections of short-term opportunities:


AIESEC – this is the link for Ukrainian organization, but AIESEC have units in every country, so if you are currently studying abroad check AIESEC of your hosting country. Different countries have different opportunities, for instance Belgian AIESEC has better offers than Ukrainian one.

European Commission
European Parliament
Ukrainian Parliament “RADA”
Canada –Ukraine Internship program – CUPP

Good luck with your preparation!