Becoming a mentor

Being a mentor is an honor and a responsibility. You get to share your expertise and experience, and help young people in their aspirations, but you are also responsible for honest and professional communication with the mentee(s), who rely on your guidance.

What Does a Mentor Do?

Depending on mentor’s experience, qualifications, and expertise, there can be a variety of responsibilities s/he can have, including:

  • Assisting a mentee in the preparation process of applying for a grant (advice on the language preparation and test taking, motivation letter, grant interview, documents to be submitted, etc.)
  • Guiding a mentee in their field of study/work (advice about resources, possible conferences, literature, contacts that may help a mentee to become a good candidate for a certain major in universities abroad)
  • Supporting a mentee in their preparation to go study abroad (practical advice on possible hardships, useful tips, and resources)
  • Providing assistance and support for alumni of the international grants upon their return to Ukraine (introducing mentees to the network within their field of work, helping them in job search, supporting their start-up ideas, etc.)
  • Other help and guidance depending on the needs of our mentees
Who Can Be a Mentor?

If you are wondering whether you can be a mentor, most likely you can :)

There is no one specific profile of a good mentor. If you can do any of the points described in What Does a Mentor Do? and your values are aligned with our mission statement, you definitely can become a mentor with ConnectUkrainians.

Here are a few profiles of potential mentors (the list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel that being a mentor is for you):

  • You are a current or former recipient of an international study grant
  • You are a current or former student at a university abroad
  • You are currently interning, working as a faculty member or doing research in a university abroad
  • You have helped others to get a study grant before
  • You are a successful entrepreneur/innovator in Ukraine or abroad
  • You are holding a leadership role in an organization in Ukraine or abroad
Why Become a Mentor?

Being a mentor is rewarding both in terms of sharing your knowledge and learning from your mentee(s). You will also become a part of our community or mentors, with whom you can network, become friends, share your new project ideas, and more. As we grow, we will continue offering our mentors opportunities to collaborate and innovate for the improvement of Ukraine.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Apply now, and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly.