Thank you for your interest in our initiative !
We would be glad to have you here.

In fact, there are three options of how you can join.

1) You can join as a student to receive updates and tips

If you are only getting ready with your application, thinking about particular country, or university to apply for, or dreaming about studying abroad in a very general terms, we recommend you to join as a student. In this case you will receive occasional emails about small private events hosted by our mentors, huge connection events typically hosted by one of the universities in Ukraine on which many grant nominees from Connect Ukrainians and our network would be present, grant application deadlines, and some other events such as international education conferences that might be of interest to you.
You can read more here, and join at the bottom of any page.

2) You can contact us to get advice on your application

If you are in the middle of the application process and need a second eye on your motivation letter, CV, and recommendation letter, we are here to help you !
In an ideal case you have all, or at least some of your documents ready, and you already know exactly which grants/scholarships you want to apply for this year. If you don’t, no worries, most of us indeed applied to a “fuzzy cloud” of dozens of scholarships without necessarily having a good idea about which one they would be accepted for. This is completely alright, and we will be glad to help, and guide you as much as we can.

There is a difference however between not knowing exactly which grants you want to apply for, and exactly not knowing which grants and scholarships you want to apply for. Please, make sure you belong to the fist, not second group before you press the “contact button”. Remember, you are likely the most passionate and motivated person in the universe who can google for a scholarships you can apply for !
We are usually trying to be very responsive, but you will need to show that you have already started your work. You will need at least one of the following:
a) CV
b) Motivation letter
c) English language test results
d) Recommendation letter
e) Prior grant/scholarship experience in an English-speaking country

And if you do, please, go to your “mentors” page, and press the “contact button”. We will be glad to work with you. In fact, if you are reading this words, you are probably on the right path, and this is very encouraging !

3) You can join us as a mentor or as a volunteer and help us do our work.

In general, any successful individual who have visited country other then Ukraine for a significant period of time qualify. In fact, if you have something to teach, most likely you can be a mentor.
You can read more about mentoring here.

And if you are only on your path to success, you are always welcome to join us as a volunteer. You can join at the bottom of any page.

We are looking forward working with you !

Connect Ukrainians team.